What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (2023)

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What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (1)

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What are Confluence macros? How to use them to create beautiful Confluence pages

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Confluence is a brilliant platform for any business looking to improve collaboration and enhance knowledge sharing. if you areCreation of an internal wikior brainstorming with colleagues around the world, Confluence is a remote-friendly content platform that empowers your team to be their best.

Not all Confluence pages are created equal

Confluence has thousands of customers around the world, but not all use the tool perfectly or to its full potential. When Confluence spaces aren't set up and managed properly, users can struggle to navigate and find the information they need, while admins struggle to onboard users quickly and help teams get the most out of the tool.

For this reason, many companies are turning to Confluence's editing tools, akaConfluence-Makros. Whether it's visually improving the way content is displayed, structuring content more clearly, or completely changing a page's functionality, using Confluence macros can help anyone unleash the true power of Confluence. To start with Confluence macros:


What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (5)

Find out how you can use Confluence to improve business collaboration

With numerous use cases and customization options, Confluence is a flexible and adaptable tool for teams of all sizes.

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What are Confluence macros?

Confluence macros are also known as plugins and plugins. They are tools that canextend functionalityand Confluence content design. Available natively in Confluence and also as free or paid apps on theAtlassian Market, there are hundreds of macros you can use to customize your Confluence pages.

Confluence macros generally require more advanced setup than the basic Confluence functionality you see on the main toolbar. But don't let the slightly more complicated application put you off. Confluence macros can be incredibly powerful and take your pages and spaces to a whole new level.

Application example:Your team is working on a new project. You work remotely and need to collaborate in real time, and you want the project space to be as engaging and visually appealing as possible. Confluence macros allow you to add additional functionality and design elements such as buttons, cards, footnotes, and expandable sections. This, in turn, can help improve communication and collaboration, allowing your team to work more efficiently and effectively.


Find out how to use Confluence macros to transform a Confluence page in just five minutes.

How to use Confluence macros

Using Confluence macros requires a little knowledge, but once you know where to find them and what information you need to set them up, you'll be creating beautiful Confluence pages in no time.

Note: The steps to insert Confluence macros and the selection of the macros themselves vary between Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server/Data Center.

The process for inserting macros into Confluence Cloud is described below.

How to add a macro in Confluence Cloud

  • On the page you want to add a macro to, click the pencil icon to bring up the Confluence editor
  • Click the + button in the top-right corner of the Editor toolbar, then click Show More.


What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (6)

  • On the browse screen, select a macro from one of the sections provided. You can also use the search bar to search for the name of the macro you want to use (e.g. "Confluence content formatting macros") or by function (e.g. "button" or "tabs"). If you can't see the macro you're looking for, you may need to download it fromAtlassian Marketor wherever you get your Confluence apps.


What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (7)

  • Click the macro you want, then click Insert. This will add a macro placeholder to your page, which you will then need to edit (double-click the macro placeholder) to add your information and parameters. This varies from macro to macro, so check thoseDocumentationfor the application you are using.

Pro tip: When editing a Confluence Cloud page, you can just type/on the page to bring up the macro selector. If you are using Confluence Server or Data Center, enter{


Get the most out of Confluence with these advanced native macros

Confluence comes with native (built-in) macros, which are available by default with every Confluence trial and license. There's also a wide range of advanced third-party macros that you can try and buy to add more powerful functionality. These third-party Confluence apps can be found in theMercado- easily filter by product and type of accommodation.

Looking for macro inspiration? Check out this selection of popular and powerful Confluence macros:

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Native Confluence macros (built into Confluence)

Table of contents macro:

You can add oneTable of contents macroto every page in Confluence, giving you an organized summary of information to quickly show readers what to expect from a page. If you have a lot of content and want to help your users navigate through large amounts of text, a table of contents is a quick and easy solution.


What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (8)

Expand macro:

Isexpand macroallows you to place content in expandable and collapsible sections within a page. Visually reduce the amount of information you have on a page and encourage users to interact with it. You can find this macro in the "Format" category of the macro menu in Confluence.


What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (9)

Timetable planner:

IsRoadmap-Planner-MacroIt acts as a project timeline or roadmap to visualize the lifespan and progress of a project or task. It is available in the Visuals and Images category of the macro menu.


What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (10)

Page Properties Macro:

IsPage Properties Macroworks with the page properties report macro to pull information from specific pages and display them in an easy-to-read table. It is useful for project updates and status reports as it allows you to view the most relevant information gathered from multiple sites on one page.


What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (11)

What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (12)

Read more about how to build better Confluence pages in our guide.

We've rounded up everything you need to know to make your pages stand out.

read instructions

(Video) Build beautiful & smart pages | Confluence | Atlassian

Confluence macros and advanced tools (third-party plugins)

Content formatting macros for Confluence

The Confluence Content Formatting Macro Set offers 12 powerful macros in the cloud and 43 in the server and data center. The macro collection helps improve the design, functionality, and user experience of Confluence content, extending its functionality and providing users with the tools to create better documentation, wikis, knowledge bases, and brand pages.

Here are some of the most popular content formatting macros for Confluence:


IsConfluence-Tooltip-Makrois a simple macro that lets you add detail to a page without cluttering it with extra text. Tooltips allow you to display text to users when they mouse over or click the tooltip icon. This makes it ideal for referencing or adding additional context for users who want more information. See it in action below:


Start with the tooltip macro

Tabs macro

eyelashesis an extremely simple but effective macro that does what it says on the tin: add tabbed content to a Confluence page. This allows you to organize information into sections that users can navigate and click through. This is ideal for breaking up large blocks of text and keeping pages clutter-free and organized.


What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (13)

Map Macro

Available as part of the content formatting macros for Confluence Cloud, theMap Macrois one of the most popular ways to add layout styles to a Confluence page. Use it to add maps to pages with images, text and even hyperlinks. It's great for team profiles, homepage menus, and blogs, and helps make Confluence content feel more like a professional website.

Ready to add these macros to your Confluence site? Click below to try Confluence content formatting macros for free.

Try Confluence content formatting macros for free


What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (14)

Forms for Confluence

Conduct surveys, ask users for feedback, and execute business processesForms for Confluence. The Confluence Forms Macro is available in the cloud, on servers and in the data center and allows you to create and embed forms directly in Confluence. It's easy to use, safe and attractive. Learn more about how Forms for Confluence can benefit your business in ourThe blog.


Community forums for Confluence

Encourage your team to engage in discussionsCommunity forums for Confluence. This app encourages collaboration and encourages engagement by adding forums directly to your Confluence pages. This app is available on all hosting platforms.

(Video) What Are Confluence Macros – Confluence Tutorial


What are Confluence macros? Create beautiful Confluence pages now (15)

Try Confluence Content Formatting Macros for free!

Do you like the sound of content formatting macros? You can now try them all without paying a dime. Click below to start your free trial of this powerful app and make your Confluence pages look better than ever!

Free trial period

About the authors

Emma Smith

Emma is Senior Content Marketing Manager, specializing in Hierarchy for Jira, Content Layout Macros for Confluence, and Forms for Confluence.

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