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Client Access Resources

frequently asked questions

Why should I have a mobile device that can receive text messages?

Your account has two-factor authentication for extra security, so you'll receive an SMS every time you log in. Additionally, a text message is part of the e-signature process to electronically sign your account agreement.

Why does my tax number have to be a US Social Security number?

Financial firms must comply with Bank Secrecy Law, including anti-money laundering regulations, to properly identify who opens accounts. Additionally, the investment choices available through Client Access include mutual funds that require the investor to have a US tax identification number.

Why does my primary address have to be a physical address in the United States?

For the purpose of customer identification and verification, the Patriot Act requires any person or firm in the securities trading business to obtain a physical mailing address.

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Can my alternate addresses be PO Boxes? Boxing in the US?

Yes, if you have a U.S. tax ID and a primary U.S. mailing address, alternate addresses can be P.O. boxing

Can my alternate addresses be outside of the United States?

Yes, if you have a US tax identification number and a primary mailing address in the United States, alternate addresses may be located outside of the United States.

What happens after I submit my account opening information?

First you will receive a confirmation email that your information has been received. You will then receive an email with electronic signature agreements, including mandatory information and contract information. After you open and sign the e-signature email, we'll start setting up your account. You will receive another email confirmation when your account is opened. At this point you can log in to Customer Access to view your account.

Where can I see my account information after opening?

Client Access provides secure, easy-to-use access to your account and all associated documents from virtually anywhere. You can login fromThis websiteor via your adviser's website using the same credentials you used for client access. You can also download the Client Access app to your iOS or Android mobile device.

Where can I get more information about IRAs?

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IsTax Office websitehas helpful information about IRAs.


To ensure you select an account type and investment mix that is right for you, we collect certain information about your personal and financial goals and prospects.

Why am I being asked for my personal information such as age, investment goals and investment experience?

The government agency that regulates the financial services industry requires Raymond James to collect and analyze enough information to reasonably believe that a recommendation is appropriate. Generally, a client's investment profile includes the individual's age, financial situation and needs, tax status, investment objectives, investment experience, investment horizon, liquidity needs and risk appetite.

Why are you asking me about my investment intentions, e.g. B. How much do I intend to invest consistently and how much do I intend to rely on the investment for current income?

The government agency that regulates the financial services industry requires advisors to determine each client's liquidity needs; H. the extent to which a customer may need to convert some or all of their investment into cash quickly, as well as the ability to do so without experience, represents a significant loss in value.

What is the relationship between my liquidity needs and my financial goals?

This is where your time horizon comes in: the expected number of months, years, or decades a client is willing to invest to meet a specific financial goal. In general, the longer your time horizon, the lower your liquidity needs. However, it is possible that you have a long time horizon and want or need to invest some or all of your portfolio in cash to pay for unexpected expenses or to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

Your risk tolerance can also come into play. While clients with longer time horizons are generally able to take on higher risk in search of higher returns in order to weather the inevitable ups and downs of the markets over time, this is not always the case. Some customers with a long time horizon may not be willing to take such a risk, while others may not be able to do so due to considerations beyond their time horizon.

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Why are you asking my opinion on market volatility? What would I think of fluctuating percentage returns or a 10% drop in the market?

We ask these questions to determine your risk appetite, which reflects not only your risk appetite, but your risk appetite as well. Your views on market volatility help us gauge your willingness, which is more subjective than your ability to take risks.


Financial services is a highly regulated industry. Raymond James is required to collect certain information about you and in return provide you with certain information.

Why am I being asked to provide information about my employment, income, net worth and source of wealth?

Federal securities laws require that any person or firm involved in securities trading "knows their customers." This information will help your advisor understand your financial needs and spot suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Why are you asking about my connections in the financial industry?

Accounts opened or established by individuals associated with financial companies are subject to certain federal securities laws that require certain disclosures and controls by the employer related to account activity.

Why am I being asked if I authorize the disclosure of my name, address and security posture to requesting companies?

Federal securities laws generally require public companies to communicate with shareholders when taking certain corporate actions. Raymond James may need to provide your name, address and number of shares to the company that issued the securities you hold through Raymond James. If you opt out, you will only receive the regulatory emails that issuing companies are required to send to all cardholders, and they are from Raymond James.

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Why am I being asked if I am a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or a Senior Political Figure (SPF) and if I am a family member or close associate of a PEP or SPF?

Federal regulators expect every person or firm involved in dealing in securities to take all reasonable steps to ensure that they do not knowingly or inadvertently contribute to the proceeds of corruption of senior foreign politicians, their families and their employees hide or move. In order to live up to this expectation, Raymond James has to identify his clients' politically exposed status.

Why am I being asked if I have 50% or more beneficial ownership or controlling interest in a government corporation or entity?

Federal regulators expect every person or firm involved in securities trading to take all reasonable steps to ensure that they do not knowingly or inadvertently help conceal or delay the proceeds of corruption by senior government officials.

Why am I being asked if I intend to use transfers to or from this account or if I intend to send third-party transfers?

Federal securities laws require that any person or firm involved in securities trading "knows their customers." This information will help your advisor understand your financial needs and spot suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Why am I being asked if I authorize my financial advisor/Raymond James to retain my non-public personal financial information in the event of future affiliation with a brokerage firm other than Raymond James?

At Raymond James, our policy is that every client belongs to their advisor, not the firm. Several states (Alaska, California, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, North Dakota, and Vermont) assume that clients belong to the firm and that consultants who leave their firm do not take their client information with them. To maintain the integrity of Raymond James' consultant-client relationship, we ask clients residing in these states to allow their consultant to keep their personal information if the consultant leaves Raymond James.


What is client access control? ›

Client Access Control helps you manage access to these servers by providing: an Access Control List (ACL) that contains the set of CIDR blocks that ​Akamai​ will use to serve your content. an application, called CIDR Lists, to help manage changes to the CIDR blocks as they occur over time.

Is Raymond James in trouble? ›

He's currently serving a prison term in a high-security facility in Pine Knot, Kentucky, with an expected release date in October 2025, according to court and inmate records. The lawyers who represented him in the criminal case didn't respond to a request for comment on the SEC case against Raymond James.

Is Raymond James worth it? ›

Raymond James may be worth considering if you want help with all aspects of your financial planning and investment management with relative accessibility. Minimum investment requirements for managed accounts start at $5,000, which makes it in reach for many levels of investors.

What is Raymond James client access? ›

Client Access is your source for simple, secure access to your Raymond James account information on your computer or mobile device – it puts instant insight and control at your fingertips.

Why is my Raymond James login not working? ›

If you're having trouble logging in, make sure you're typing a valid username and password. You can use the reset password and recover username links above to help ensure that you're using the correct login information. If you repeatedly try to log in with invalid username or password, the system will lock you out.

What are the 3 types of access control? ›

Three main types of access control systems are: Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Role Based Access Control (RBAC), and Mandatory Access Control (MAC). DAC is a type of access control system that assigns access rights based on rules specified by users.

Does Dave Ramsey endorse Raymond James? ›

RJFSA and its affiliates (collectively, “Raymond James”) do not endorse and are not affiliated with Ramsey Solutions, except with respect to the arrangement described above, and neither Ramsey Solutions nor its agents are officers or employees of Raymond James.

Which is better Charles Schwab or Raymond James? ›

As you can clearly see from the Quality Grade breakdown above, Charles Schwab Corp has a better overall quality grade than Raymond James Financial Inc. For investors who are looking for companies with higher quality than others in the same industry, Charles Schwab Corp could be a good stock to add to their portfolios.

Who is the best financial advisor company? ›

FA 100: CNBC ranks the top-rated financial advisory firms of 2022
1Woodley Farra Manion1,106
2Dana Investment Advisors1,256
3Albion Financial Group2,221
4Heritage Investment Group1,888
31 more rows
Oct 4, 2022


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